I hope as the days countdown to the big holiday you’re all doing well!

Things here took an interesting turn Tuesday night. My inlaws arrived Tues afternoon and I’d been feel very sleepy that evening, so I took a little nap. That night as I lay down on a sofa in the rec room, my stomach started to hurt and continued to a point where I couldn’t straighten up and it felt like a knife in my belly.

At around midnight, I guess I woke up my husband he took me to the emergency room. After about an hour of waiting in the exam room (pretty fast for an ER) I saw a doctor who had the nurse insert and IV and gave me Benadril for a rash I’d developed that came and went (stress, I think), an anti-nausea drug and pain meds that made the room spin and caused me to fall asleep between sentences in the conversation. I had an X-ray done and a CAT scan (pretty scary to fall asleep between the instructions “Take a deep breath and hold it” and “Breathe normally.”)

Some of you don’t know that I had a kidney transplant almost 7 years ago. Turns out that a cyst on one of my own kidneys was bleeding and that caused the pain, which apparently was referred since it was nowhere near the organs! They admitted me because they were afraid of the cyst bleeding out. The transplanted kidney looks fine and my creatinine (measurement of kidney function) is well within normal range.

I was in the hospital until this afternoon. While I’m home I’m still in a little pain (maybe a 1 instead of a 9) and not feeling great, so I’d appreciate prayers that I will continue to recover.

Thank for your support everyone!