I know that most of you out there won’t be buying me a gift (but don’t feel that you can’t if the mood hits!) but you might know a writer (published or unpublished) who would love something from this list. I know I would!

Now, my dilemma: What do you buy for the person you can never shop for?

In our family it’s my father-in-law, Marine Guy. He is the type of person that just goes out and gets what he wants and that never leaves anything for any of who love him to get for the holidays. This year, he and my mother-in-law, Queen Mum, are coming her for Christmas, as they have every year since we moved down here. So, Beloved asked her what to get Marine Guy and we found out that he’d bought himself a waffle iron, is having it shipped here so he can unwrap it Christmas morning and take it back to NJ with them!! Something about only being able to get what he wanted at that one store for the best price or something.

Still, doesn’t it sound like there’s something wrong there?

What ideas do you have for something to give the person who never needs anything?

It’s kinda the same with Beloved. He doesn’t have much in the way of hobbies, except his computer and honestly, how do you buy a programmer something when you’re lucky enough to be able to add links to your blog? He used to ask for theology books, but he has kind of backed off from that for a bit. He’s heavily into his writing, almost more than I am with mine (no, no guilt on my part), but I have a ton of writing books so he really doesn’t need any of those. I always want to get him something really special, something he’ll remember and exclaim over, but honestly, every year I fail at that.

Oh, there’s that “f” word – fail. Sorry.

Kind of having a bad/depressed morning. The writing isn’t going the way I want it to (when has it ever?), money is always an issue, and my whole weekend is pretty much booked, so there won’t be much time for relaxing. And there’s the weight loss issue.

Anyway, this post is getting off track.

What ideas do you have for special Christmas gifts?