Well, the results from Who Wants to be a Superhero is over, and of course, the best man won. I’m not has thrilled with the updated special effects and all that cheesy “story line” stuff they added this season once they found out that people actually watched this. Last season was a little more fun when it was a little less staged. I just kept wondering how much of this season was rehearsed, done with a blue screen, and edited. I still can’t believe they slept all in the same room in their costumes!

Then of course, Feedback’s great movie on sci-fi, Megasnake, was a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT!!! True believers will go to this site and sign a petition to get him a REAL movie.

What will we watch in it’s place? I suggest the new show, Who Wants to be a Necromancer?, on DarkFantasy TV.

In this televised competition five contestants have been chosen to compete. Each of them wants to be declared a “Lord of the Dead.” Each week, one will be unlimited until one of them earns the title.

  1. Bill of the Dead – Started his career as a zombie wizard by winning the annual South Ferry brain-eating-contest. He has also guest starred on Zombie Iron Chef. He was criticized for lack of exotic ingredients in his dishes.
  2. Brain Hellda – Raised and commanded a legion of undead Sumo wrestlers. Was able to demolish that same building in Japan that got demolished in every one of those old Japanese monster movies.
  3. Gerard Weird – Created a great undead parade, supposedly through the use of potions and chemicals.
  4. Petricia Cemetary – Created the most powerful army of undead guinea pigs ever known in all the Seven Lands. Unfortunately, stopped in its first campaign by a pile of wilted celery.
  5. Morgue-Ann – Captain of the all-undead Quidditch team. Unfortunately, last season they did not have a ghost of a chance against Hogwarts.