1. Again, I wonder what I did all those years we only had the Girl and she was in school all day. I should have a lot more books written, more sewing done, more crafts finished.

2. The Boy is having some discipline problems – mostly trying to figure out the tougher rules for kindergarten, which is a full day, after a year of preschool  which was only half a day and less rule intensive.

3. What will we do when the Girl graduates and heads off for college? I don’t see her much as it is.

4. I could actually have lunch out with the Husband all by myself!

5. I can go to the gym in the afternoon, when it is less crowded, without worrying about the Boy and when I have to go get him.

6. I feel like I’ve found some of the crafts I’ve neglected.

7. The whole picking up after school for the Boy stinks and by the time we do get home, the Girl (who rides a bus) is already napping and it’s time to start dinner.

8. I do feel like we don’t spend a lot of time together as a family these days.

9. It’s very quiet around here and that’s not a bad thing.

10. I could actually nap and not have to worry about rushing out to pick someone up.

11. I did spend about an hour in the car on Tuesday running from picking up the Girl, running home so she could brush her teeth, dropping her off at the dentist, picking up the Boy, rushing back to the dentist, then taking everyone home.

12. The Girl’s 18th birthday is Sunday and we’ll have to start the whole “getting ready to go off to college” thing soon. Of course, she’ll probably go to LSU which is right nearby and where the Husband works, so it probably won’t be too bad.

13. With the Boy in kindergarten, we’ll be at this for a while!