Wow! I can’t believe how time has flown. I never intended to let my blog languish so long!

When I got home from the trip, my time was mainly spent getting things ready for school. We live in the South so my kids both started school on 13 Aug, which still seems early for this Northern born girl. However, they were ready, I think. I know I was.

The Girl is a Senior now, so that presents its own set of challenges, but she likes school. Yesterday she came home early because of a cold, which we knew about and actually told her she didn’t need to go. Today, she said she was feeling better and could breathe out of her nose, so she wanted to go.

The Boy is in Kindergarten, and also loves his school, but we’re dealing with some discipline issues. It’s not that he’s a bad kid, but I think he just is so social he likes to talk and play with his friends and isn’t good, yet, at working quietly and not talking out when he should be quiet.

I do have some issues with this school’s carpool policy. I understand they are in a residential area and can’t be blocking the street for long, but they’re plan is that we carpool parents line up with a sign with our kid’s name and a woman, maybe the principal, stands in the middle of the parking lot (where we are lined up) and calls out each name and tells the kids which pole to go to meet their car. Okay, so when it’s my turn, she calls out “Brandt” and a pole color. My son has done this a total of about five times and he doesn’t always hear her over the other kids talking, so I end up waiting for him at the pole and holding up the line. Naturally, the teachers rush him when they finally realize who I’m waiting for and they don’t even bother to fasten his seatbelt. We have to rush through this process so everyone can get their kids.

I get all this, but for crying out loud, the kid’s in kindergarten and I am new to this process, too. I wish they could just be little understanding for the little ones. Today I make a new sign and make sure I put this whole name on it and that he’s in kindergarten. Maybe they could show a little patience for him.

I’m working on a novella that Susan and I brainstormed while in Disney. I think I’m changing it a bit, but that’s okay. I just want to get it done!

I’m still working on the weight loss. I’ve been going up and down for awhile but I’m getting serious. My husband said if I can lose 3 pounds (now 3.8 – family came to visit!), I can have a Sonic Cookie Dough Blast.

Well, it’s lunch time here, so I’ll sign off now! Please comment so I know you’re out there!