Some thoughts on vacations and having people visit you on their vacations:

1. Some people are willing to spend money on a hotel just to get out of the car, regardless of how little they have left to go to get to their finally destination.

2. Flying long distances is never fun, regardless of the reason you’re doing it or who is with you.

3. For some reason, sitting completely still on an airplane for several hours can tire you out more than a full day’s work.

4. Many, many people think they deserve being served ahead of you even when there is clearly a line, it’s late at night, we’ve all missed our flight and no one’s flight is going anywhere until morning.

5. Standing in such a line, watching people walk right to the front and then to the next available ticket clerk because they missed their flight to Tel Aviv, is a bit of a bonding experience as you all complain at how slick that was.

6. Every trip away from home, even visiting relatives, should include a place where you can go when you just need some time away from the hustle and bustle, and maybe you family, too.

7. After about three or four days away, I’m ready to come home, no matter where I am or what I’m doing.

8. For me, the best vacations are where I can just sit back and read a book if I want knowing that the laundry is hundreds of miles away.

9. Disney World is neat without kids, but so much better with them!

10. Friends can come from the most unlikely circumstances, and the best thing is to always be yourself.

11. Every now and then you need to treat yourself or be treated to a meal you’d never, ever think you could afford.

12. There are thousands of ways to have fun and you can have it anywhere.

13. Don’t take things so seriously because it’s more fun to laugh about circumstances and healthier, too!