First off, Happy New Year everyone! I’ve been away from this site for awhile due to the holidays and illnesses in the family. Things seem to be calming down (even I’m getting better) and I’ve decided to try to make 2007 a more organized and productive year.

Next item: I’m updating the whole website so I really hope you’ll visit some of the other pages here.

We had a nice, quiet holiday season. As I mentioned, the whole family has been sick in one way or another for about three weeks. It’s been fun! No messy sicknesses, thank God, just bad colds.

Steve’s gotten the worst of it. He stayed home from work for a few days in the week before Christmas and fortunately had the week between Christmas and New Year’s off because the university was closed. Today he’s supposed to go back and it looks like he will. We’ll see.

I woke up with a fever last Thursday morning, pretty much out of the blue, and I was in bed all that day. It was the in-laws’ last day here and in addition to the fact that I just didn’t feel like getting up, I didn’t want to expose them, especially my mother-in-law to the cold. They certainly didn’t need that while flying.

Juliette and I missed Mass on Sunday. I still had a bit of a fever and she was suffering with the same sore throat and aches. Steve went to church, having missed all the Masses for Christmas, and came home feeling almost like he shouldn’t have gone.

Yesterday I woke up with no fever and while I’m still a little lightheaded at times and still have a sore throat, I’m on the mend and determined to start the year off right.

Noah, fortunately, has been spared this, at least for now. He did have one day early in December that he woke up with a sore throat and stayed home from school, so maybe that was the beginning and maybe he got through it more easily.

I’m back to working on Sword & Illusion. My goal for this year is to get that baby done and out of this house! I also have several other books in the queue and will be posting titles and loglines on my works in progress page.

Have a great day everyone and stay tuned for more news!