Thirteen More Gifts from God to Me!
1.(106) I got the Dept. 56 ornament I ordered off Ebay. It was only 99 cents before shipping! I want to have a little Christmas village to set up every year and add to each year. Steve said we should wait until Noah is older, but I decided that if I wanted something like that I need to save my money and do it myself. I’d love to have a Christmas village, a collection of snowmen and Santas and nutcrackers and a Fontanini nativity scene we add to every year.2. (107) I got ideas for two workshops I need to present this summer at a special writers event. I will release more news about it when I can, but I’m excited about it. I can also write up essays for RWA newsletters and my website, so that’s a plus.

3. (108) My daughter loves bowling and is getting better at it and may make the varsity team.

4. (109) I finished one of Noah’s socks. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost one of my needles of that size, so sock number two may have to wait.

5. (110) I was supposed to go to my Stampin’ Up lady’s house for a private class, but it’s raining so much I get to stay home. I’ll do the class next week at the regular time.

6. (111) My daughter drove herself and a friend to the movies and then drove the friend home without an accident, even in this rain. Now, she’s at their house for dinner, so I have to wait and see how the trip home is.

7. (112) Watching some of the boys bowling the this morning reminded me a lot of watching my father bowl. A nice memory.

8. (113) I got some comments on my last blog entry that weren’t spam!

9. (114) Okay, I listen to some really geeky music, but one of the podcasts I listen to is sending out, to my podcatcher, a Firefly/Serenity fan-created song every day. Eventually, I’ll have a CD full and can burn it or put on my mp3 player. I guess it’s uber-geeky to like a German Serenity song, in German.

10. (115) My family loves me even if I am uber-geeky about Firefly/Serenity.

11. (116) With all the rain outside, I get to be inside where it’s warm and I can have hot chocolate a little later.

12. (117) I feel well enough that I probably will be able to go to Adoration tomorrow night. I haven’t been there for three weeks and I miss it.

13. (118) Even though I’m later with this TT than I expected, it’s still Thursday, so I’m not completely late.

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