Yesterday was not a great day here. I mean, I wasn’t feeling bad or anything, just wasn’t motivated to do anything – housework-wise. I did work on the slipper socks I’m making for Noah. I was attempting this cool thing of knitting two socks at once on double pointed needles and had actually been doing well until I realized that I’d crossed the yarns back a ways. Sigh. I just ripped the whole thing out and found a different, simpler pattern and am knitting them one at a time. I like the idea of getting two of them done at once. I definitely have second sock syndrome – reluctance to cast on a new sock of the same pattern because you are ready for a new challenge – but kniting them both at once was so slow. I couldn’t really get into a rhythm where I didn’t have to watch my knitting all the time. That’s one of the things I love about knitting is that I can do it without looking most of the time, unlike cross stitch, which pretty much requires me to keep my eyes on it. Knitting is so much easier to take to things like bowling practice or the car pool line.

Along that topic, I ordered myself some more hand dyed yarn from Etsy. It’s become my favorite place for sock yarn. That yarn can get a little expensive, but I feel so good knowing I’m supporting a small business person or an artist doing what she loves.

I have two skeins of hand dyed yarn I haven’t used yet, but things, financially, are going well for us and I can afford a little luxury for myself once in a while.

Noah and I stayed while Juliette had bowling practice. It was actually nice. There is an arcade near by where I sat and Noah spent most of the time playing in the arcade without any money. He just enjoyed playing with the machines. I worked on a pair of socks for me, made out of one of those skeins of hand dyed yarn.

I don’t know, yet, what the holidays did to my weight. I had all kinds of intentions of going to the gym last week and this, but between the inlaws here (and the eating out that goes with that) and Steve being ill and unable to care for Noah and me being ill and tired and really unable to work out, things just didn’t happen the way I planned.

I was reading Lazy Daisy’s weight loss blog this morning and realized that my reluctance to get on the scale at Weight Watchers on Monday is silly. No matter what happens, it doesn’t affect who I am as a person nor in the eyes of God. He loves me no matter what. Why is that so hard to keep hold of?

I can start over every day – both in my weight loss journey and my Flying – as long as I wake up each day.