I talked to the preschool principal yesterday and she said that there are 15 kids a year older than Noah who will be starting kindergarten in the fall so it’s not unusual for kids to wait a year before moving on. She said if he has to repeat kindergarten he’ll actually be repeating whereas “repeating” preschool means he does move on in what he’ll be learning. There is a pre-K-5 class there.

I went to the school open house – which turned out to be two hours of mostly useless stuff to me – walking around the ENTIRE school facility (which is HUGE) and up and down stairs. My poor back was KILLING me. I only wanted to hear what the kindergarteners did and see the room. I did end up leaving when they said, “And now we’ll head over to the junior high wing.” Juliette isn’t even convinced Noah will be going to junior high in Baton Rouge as she’s sure we’ll move again before that happens.

The kindergarten is a full day – 8:15 or so to 3:20. Juliette arrives at our house from the bus after school at 3 pm, so I’d probably leave here right about then or just before to pick him up. Seems like a long day to me.

And the class room kinda worries me. There wasn’t a black spot on any wall or even the ceiling. I felt like I was in a “Where’s Waldo?” book. There were faces on the wall, not everything, but he’ll find lots to talk to, and I think while it’s not really clutter (see? FlyLady has penetrated a bit into this thick skull) it didn’t seem restful to me. I wonder if it will make him manic. Steve, who wasn’t there, thinks Noah will be fine. Maybe I’m just being a over protective mom.

Registration starts tomorrow to tonight we’ll talk about it. He sees the child psychologist (who his pediatrician who deal with ADD and ADHD recommended) the end of February. If we register, I guess the kindergarten teacher will screen him and see if she thinks he ready. Maybe he’d be fine, but when she said they have half an hour a day of quiet time on their mats, I thought, yeah, like that’ll happen!

Maybe by the end of this year his attention span will be a little longer. I just don’t know what the right thing to do is.