I saw this article mentioned on the Drudge Report this morning.

It really shouldn’t suprise anyone that a Bishop of the Church of England has made this sweeping, shocking announcement. In 1930, the Church of England decided at the Lambeth Conference of that year that birth control was acceptable in hardship cases. How many people do you know today who would ONLY accept birth control in hardship cases? How many people do you know who think abortion is ONLY acceptable in hardship cases? How many think that abortion is pretty much okay across the board?

Of my readers, or at least the ones I THINK read this, you probably don’t know that many who agree with the last statement, but look how different the world is than it was in 1930.

Back then, every church taught that contraception was wrong. Now, many, many denominations not only accept birth control across the board but have an official pro-choice stance.

I see this Bishop’s statement as frightening because history seems to indicate a slippery slope society isn’t afraid to set its sled on and go right down.

I see this society eventually getting to a point where we don’t feed our grandparents because they’re old. I don’t want to be there.