I’m on several writing loops and last week a woman on one of the loops (I don’t want to get too specific because this is a tentative opportunity – nothing is “set” yet) contacted me to say that she is in the process of possibly becoming a book packager for a religious publisher – one who has done mostly nonfiction, but wants to get into fiction. She asked if I have any story ideas that would be appropriate for this publisher that I’ve put away because I “knew” no one would buy them.

Well, in fact I do. I have one or two ideas for romances I’d like to write, but they are not really appropriate for the standard Christian markets. Not because of any immorality, you understand, but because the stories themselves lean too far, possibly to the point of actually falling squarely into, a Christian tradition most publishers do not want to touch. Mainly, Catholicism.

So, I put aside THE BEST MAN for the time being and am working up a synopsis for a story that has been on my heart for some time (years) but I never knew where to go with it. I am having to work a bit as the story was very formless in my head, but for a synopsis, there better be a form.

Anyway, I’ll post more on this when more happens!