Thirteen Things I love about LIVING IN BATON ROUGE
1. Our House – It needs some work, but it’s really great2. Flowers almost all year round!3. Hobby Lobby – didn’t have one in PA – feels like my mothership!

4. Scrapbook Stores very close by.

5. A Sonic Drive-in within a mile and a half – used to see ads for them in PA but had never been to one!

6. A quilting store right near above mentioned Sonic.

7. Just recently found a cross stitch shop! YEA!

8. Next door neighbors who actually talk to us.

9. Very active RWA chapter less than 1.5 hours drive from home.

10. Great restaurants.

11. A YMCA nearby that we joined. I love the Y.

12. Being referred to as Miss Nancy. I just love that.

13. Steve is in academia again and has a week off at Christmas PLUS his four weeks vacation! It’s great!

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