Today I am participating for the first time in Snippet Sunday.

Here are just a few lines from Questionable Queen, the sequel to Pigsty Princess</a>.

Royal Princess Ursula, the sister of Queen Mariana, heroine of Pigsty, has gone to see her mother after agreeing to marry the King of Heyton, a country Valborough has been at war with on and off for decades.

“Then I married your father and learned what a treacherous people the Heytonians are,” Ursula’s mother said “You mustn’t trust any of them, my dear.”

“Mother, I am to marry their King. Surely, I will have to trust him.”

“Oh, no. Especially not him. Kings are notoriously untrustworthy. See what your father, the great King of Valborough, did to me. He threw my heart away and brought home an Element forsaken child of another woman to take the throne away from my son. My son.”

Ursula swallowed. This was not what she needed to hear, and she had to get her mother off this subject before it set off a bout of rage she couldn’t contain.

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