So, you know what I love? Plumbing issues! Truly. It’s my fave!

This morning about 5:30, I woke up and heard water running. In my sleepy state, I thought, “Why is Steve taking a shower at this time of the morning?” Then I realized it didn’t sound like the shower, so I got out of bed and as soon as I stepped onto the tile of the hall, I KNEW it wasn’t the shower as I was in about a 1/4″ of water!

I woke him up (He had fallen asleep in Noah’s room after prayers), and he stumbled out to the shed and got the wet-vac and began the laborious process of drying out our hallways and two bathrooms.

Now the Roto-Rooter guy is here to clean out the outside drain from the house which, from time to time, gets clogged up with tree roots and other lovely junk.

After having to have someone come to our Chinese apartment 4 times in one month to fix the toilet or shower, I’m getting a little tired of plumbing issues!

However, I think I would rather have plumbing than not!