I’m on our church’s VBS committee as well as doing drama every year. I love it. I love making a fool of myself for Jesus!

However, the committee meetings are hard for me sometimes. I don’t know all these people. I mean, I’m getting to know some of the committee members although there are still a couple whose names I might not know, or if I do know that, they might not know me much because if I see them outside of the meeting room, they are appropriately polite, but not overly friendly.

I’m guessing I’m never going to be “friends” with some of them.

Tonight was a tough meeting. There is a woman in our church and who usually does VBS and who I’m friends with on Facebook, who apparently has a son who was in some horrific accident and nearly died. I think I was the only one sitting at that table that didn’t know this. I gather, from the conversation swirling around me, it had to do with a water slide and possibly a party of some kind.

I just looked at her Facebook page and there’s only posts from people wishing her the best and a speedy recovery for the child.

I don’t know how they all knew this but I know I’m not in the grapevine.

I also never know half the women they mention when talking about potential volunteers.

Does this come from not growing up in a place, not going to church with these same people for 35 years or whatever?

How long do you have to be part of something to be PART of it?? However long it is, six years isn’t it.