This past weekend was the Jambalaya Jubilee Writers’ Conference in Houma, Louisiana. Houma is about two hours from Baton Rouge and my friend, Josephine Templeton’s parents have a camp about half an hour from the location of the conference. This is the second year I’ve gone down with her.

Last year, Rhonda Leah, was also with us, and she and I went to a Cherry Adair workshop. Rhonda and Jo stayed up later than I wanted to the night before and since we were all sleeping in the same room, I was kinda tired.

I was in the workshop room before Rhonda arrived and I yawned. Cherry told me to stop yawning and about that time Rhonda came in. I told Cherry it was her fault and then the two of us were giggling before the workshop about who knows what and Cherry told us she was keeping an eye on us.

This year, Rhonda couldn’t go with us because her husband was in a lot of pain with his back. She left a note on Facebook telling us that she wished us a good day.

Well, this year, Jo, Meredith Tague, and I attended a Heather Graham creativity workshop.

She broke the whole group up into smaller groups and the three HeartLA ended up in the same group.

To be honest, I’m not sure we would have allowed Heather to put us into different groups!

Anyway, we took part in a hands-on workshop where she gave all groups a single sentence – “She tripped over the body in the dark. Then we got a location, in our case, haunted house. Next, we chose three characters, actor, stripper, and maestro. Last, we got three adjectives: one-eyed, lame and blond.

We wrote our selection, but in the midst of it we did a lot of giggling and had a lot of fun.

What we didn’t realize was that we were the only group who probably all knew each other before. So the rest of the groups weren’t laughing a lot.

When the time came to stop writing, Heather said, “Okay, who wants to read what they wrote? How about the rowdy girls in the back corner?”

It seemed to be the conclusion of the other three that the common factor was me.

I think that has to be wrong. Don’t you?