Seriously, some day that needs to be written.

Today I went out to the bank to get my weekly “allowance” and on my way home I saw a sign for a huge garage sale down the road from my house. This house has regular sales and there’s always a lot of jewelry from Claire’s. I don’t get that. Where does it all come from? A few years ago, when I was isolated or recovering from my thyroid issues, Beloved and his father walked down to this sale and bought me about a dozen or more pairs of earrings and that was part of my Christmas presents.

Anyway, I was there today, just looking and I saw a cute cow cookie jar. I have a thing for cows and I thought it would look sweet on my kitchen counter.

It was $15!!

Seriously?? It’s a garage sale. I don’t know that I would pay $15 for that cookie jar new. What happened to getting great bargains?

I saw some cute plates with chefs on them, but they were $3 a piece! I would have paid $3 for all four of them but a piece? No sorry.

I left there with nothing.

Too bad. I liked that cookie jar.