Recently a few of us on one of the writers’ loops I’m on were discussing how we, as writers, are different than other segments of the population. Specifically, we were talking about how non-writers are always amazed at how we can create a book or “think up all those words.” It kinda came as a revelation to me that some people don’t have stories in their heads.

I have run into a few people in my life who are not creative or don’t have the “creativity gene.” Those people are always impressed by the littlest things like the time I took a peanut jar and turned it into a vase by wrapping the paper that came with the flowers around it and tied it with a piece of string or yarn. The owners of the home we were staying in (and to whom Beloved and I were giving the flowers) were truly stunned. In fact, the wife actually asked where the vase had come from because they didn’t have any.

I was the one who was stunned because it truly was nothing, and in my mind, totally not creative at all.

Anyway, this past week I have been engaging in art projects that I never thought I’d do. My sister-in-law is visiting my in-laws from California. She is an artist, and makes her living at it. She paints murals for homes and businesses and is always expanding her wings and looking for new projects.

Her art is very tactile and visual – painting, jewelry making, some sculpture. Outside of writing, which is my main form of art, I deal with fabric and threads – sewing, cross stitch, knitting.

Anyway, for this visit, she decided to get the whole family involved in an art project. To be honest, I wasn’t sure that’s how I wanted to spend my weekend. Weekends, to me, are: Writing on Saturdays and relaxing (cross stitching) on Sunday. My weeksdays are generally too busy for me to do any reading or stitching so I look forward to the weekends for that.

However, once I started making the mosaic flower pots, which was what we all did, I found that I loved it. I actually made two. Here is the second one I made. I don’t have a picture of the first one,

[caption id="attachment_386" align="aligncenter" width="252" caption="Santa getting ready to do his thing."]The second pot I made[/caption]

Since moderation is not a word I’m all that familiar with, I immediately began planning all sorts of pots in my head. Halloween, Mardi Gras, Easter, gifts for people, etc., etc.

In the midst of all this creativity, I talked to my brother on the phone. I thought about making a pot for his wife for Christmas so I asked him about it.

He said, “She doesn’t like arty things.”

This kinda surprised me because she is a musician and a teacher. She is heavily involved in performing in several professional musical organizations and I always equated that with just another form of creativity. Every writer I know does other kinds of art as well, Several members of our local RWA chapter paint and others, like me, do needlework. I always associated creativity and passion in one area of the arts with interest in other areas.

The family discussed this and we hypothesized that possibly my brother’s wife is not a visual person. Maybe she gets her joy from auditory stimulation, where I get mine from what I can see and touch.

This would explain why, when we were cleaning out my mother’s apartment after she died, my sister-in-law wasn’t interested in many of the things my mother collected, while I was snatching up every one I could. I like seeing things around me that hold memories. I like knick-knacks and framed family pictures on he wall.

This difference is not a bad or a good thing, but it is just surprising to me because up until now, I never realized there was a difference.

What about you? Are you a more visual person or are you more auditory?