When the Girl was little, she made up the names for her grandparents – Rugga and Bumpa. I guess a lot of kids do that. I have a friend who called her mother “Bimma.” When we were roommates and my mother called, she told me my Bimma called. I told her I don’t have a Bimma, she does!

Anyway, my son has started calling our guinea pig a perb, as in, “Oh, aren’t you a little perb??” He told me that “perb” is something that’s cute. Um, okay.

The Girl made up a word like that when she was little. She used “mudge” for what I would call a gray-peachy color, kinda like Caucasian skin tone. Anyway, we use “mudge” for that color now (and she’s 20). I figure we’ll start calling things “perbs” soon, too.