Today I am wearing a Java one baseball shirt my husband picked up at a conference. I have no make-up on, but at least my hair is clean and combed.

Nothing to outstanding to my way of thinking.

So why was I flirted with twice today?

The Girl and I went to Quizno’s to pick up some lunch. We’d been out to the post office to mail a package but the line was too long and I had to get to my MRI, so we left there and went to the restaurant. We ordered our food to go, and as we were waiting, something weird happened.

First, understand, the Girl is 20 and she is beautiful, even without makeup. I was standing next to her, dressed as described above.

The guy behind the cash register started talking to me about the pins I had on my coat. They were buttons I’d gotten from and they are geeky and all refer to Dr. Horrible. I told him what they were and asked if he’d ever heard of Dr. Horrible. He said no (of course – turkey), and then I asked if he knew Josh Whedon. You know, Firefly? Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

He said he’d heard of Buffy but wasn’t really into the vampire thing. I told him about Firefly (cowboys in space) and said it was the greatest TV show ever.

He laughed at that and said that Punky Brewster was the greatest show ever. (I do hope he was kidding.)

Okay, so on the way out, my daughter expressed her amazement and bemusement that I, her “old” mother, was actually flirted with. And before you suspect, as my loving husband did, that the guy was like in his 70s, he was probably in his late 20s/early 30s, so why he went for me and not the Girl is anyone’s guess.

Then later this evening, I was at the grocery store, alone, and headed down the frozen food aisle to get fries for dinner. This guy who was stocking the freezers was watching me and I thought, oh, don’t ask if I need help or anything. I just want my fries and go home.

As I reached for the bag, he said, “Is it still raining out there?”

I replied that it was pouring and a conversation ensued about how rainy days make you sleepy and how it’s good to nap on these days but that we were both tired of the rain and it was too bad he had to come in to work.

That one could just be some 20-something guy just bored and possibly he wasn’t watching me but trying to see out the front window of the store to ascertain the rain situation.

Still though, there was that old former Marine at the party on Monday who ran his hand up my shin…