I’ve never put much stock in New Years’ Resolutions. I know lots of people do, but for me it was never anything serious. I would make a list at the beginning of the year, probably 1 Jan, and then never look at it again or even remember what I’d written down.

However, God seems to have his 2×4 handy and He’s making sure I hear Him talking.

This week the topic at Weight Watchers was resolutions – but because of my ambivalence to those, I’m going to call them goals – and setting them.

Well, this was certainly a timely topic for me as Beloved and I had just been discussing the problem I have with achieving my goals. Basically, I set a goal but then I don’t seem to find the motivation to work toward it.

Now, I was going to say there that I CAN’T find the motivation, but I’m trying to change the way I think about these things and the word “can’t” takes the blame off me and makes me a victim of some quirk of the universe or my own biology.

“Don’t” is more to the point. It means that I make the choices that either lead to success or to that other word I want to excise from my vocabulary (begins with an F and ends with “ailure.”)

So, for whatever reason, I don’t find the motivation to work toward my goals.

Yesterday Beloved, the Girl and I went to the Hip Hop Abs exercise class at our local YMCA. I love this class as it’s a good workout but it’s not the kind the kills me, like the Kickboxing class that same trainer does. When the class was over, out of the blue the trainer started talking about the new year and setting our resolutions and goals. He said the same things they talked about at WW.

The ways to help achieve your goals:

1. Write it down
2. Keep it simple
3. Celebrate every achievement along the way
4. Make small changes

I had some trouble sleeping again last night and my mind was racing and I thought about my goals for next year. I’m going to post them here, but also write them down and post them somewhere (maybe several somewheres around the house) near the computer to keep them firmly in my mind. That’s one thing the trainer said that clicked with me.

I’d always heard that you should write down your goals, and I would, but then I would promptly shove that paper in my calender/planner or use it as a bookmark or just plain lose it. I never figured out how writing it down did anything because I’d write it down and it still wouldn’t work out.

Maybe I’m slow, but I didn’t connect that you need to see your goals ahead of you, which is weird because I made a pretend cover for one of my WIPs (The Fairy Godmother’s Bridesmaid Dress) and it’s on the wall above my computer. Somehow, seeing that every day doesn’t make me fight to get that book done.

However, I have decided to make this next year better than the last and I’m going to work toward my goals. I hope you’ll help keep me accountable.


1, Get Sword & Illusion (or whatever the title will be given that I’m cutting this massive thing in half) finished and sent out to either an agent or editor. I’d like to have this done by Feb.
2. Finally get down to my goal weight of 155 (and keep working toward 143) by Mar 31.
3. Finish the Boy’s Christmas stocking by, well, Christmas.

Those are the big three, but I could list so many other things I want to happen this year, but I’m going to just stick to those and as I accomplish them, I’ll move on to the next goal.

Thanks so much for being out there and supporting me! Have a great New Years!