How are you all doing?

I’m okay. About a year or so ago, someone I thought was a good friend “accused” me of only posting emails and blogs posts because it gave me a chance to complain about stuff. I really don’t think that’s what I was doing at the time, although at the time of the accusation, I was dealing with thyroid cancer!

This year, I’m looking forward (not really!) to another radioactive iodine treatment. I guess it’s standard procedure to do this again a year after the surgery, however, my endocrinologist is okay with me waiting until after the holidays before I do all I have to do to get ready for that, so that’s one YAY for me.

I’ve developed sciatica in my right hip and leg, so I’m in a lot of pain. In the past week, since last Sunday night, I haven’t slept through the whole night. I wake up in a lot of pain, and have to get up and move around for awhile to make the pain go away.

Next week, the whole family (our family, husband’s parents and his sister and brother-in-law) is going to Disney World for Thanksgiving week. That, I’m looking forward to, really. The Boy has never been there (he’s only 7) so that’ll be fun to see him being there for the first time!

Beloved and the Girl is worried about how I’m going to handle Disney. I’m actually okay walking. It’s the sitting and standing up part that hurts the most (and sleeping). I’m going to take it as easy as I can and if I need to use a wheelchair, I will, but darn it, I need fun and a vacation and I’m not going to let this pain keep me from it.

Since this hip thing has increased (I’ve been having a little pain in my hip for some time, but it got worse since Mom’s funerals), I’ve really missed Mom. She was a retired registered nurse, so she was the one I called to talk about medical stuff. And this weekend, I was in a lot of pain and frankly, I was mad that I couldn’t stand up on my own and I couldn’t talk to my mother about it.

My brother is dealing with a lot of medical (dialysis) issues, so he’s in a similar boat to me and we both miss Mom so much.

We were supposed to go up to Akron for Christmas but that’s been put off because of all this stuff and with Mom gone it’s going to be too hard and too stressful for us to go up there and stay in a hotel. My brother has two indoor cats, and my husband and son are very allergic to cats, so we can’t stay in their house.

I am so eager for this year to move on, I can’t tell you. I’m still waiting for news on our inheritance and while I’d give anything not to have to deal with inheritance stuff, but if we’re going to get some money (and there is every reason to believe there is a good sum coming my way) I’m ready to get it. It would certainly help with Christmas and some debt we accrued with all this funeral travel.

Okay, friends, I gotta go to the chiropractor this morning and work on my National Novel Writing Month, book! Talk to you later.