Current book – writing: Sword & Illusion
Number of chapters declared DONE – Thirteen
Number of chapters waiting for Beloved’s final read – Two (Fourteen and Fifteen)
Chapter working on – Sixteen
Current book – reading – Holly’s Inbox

Well, the Boy started first grade this morning. Yesterday we went to the school to drop off his supplies so he could see his classroom and meet his teacher. She seems like a nice lady and he’s pretty excited about it.

I feel better about him in first grade than I did last year. I think having him repeat kindergarten was a good idea. He’s matured a lot in a year and his therapy has helped him so much. He’s not shy anymore and on Wednesday, at therapy, he stayed completely on task for the whole half hour! This is a big deal for us!

He’ll be doing therapy twice a week at the private office and once with the public school therapist. His private therapist suggested that he join a new group of first graders with similar language issues, and I think that would be great for him, so he’ll be doing that Saturday afternoons.

Tomorrow is the first basketball game of the summer. He’s really enjoyed it but at least right now, he shows no signs of being a great player.

The grandparents are here now. Well, not here here, but in their own home here in Baton Rouge. It’s been nice to have them nearby, especially for the kids. They are actually managing the stress of the move better than I expected. They lived in their house in NJ for over 30 years but I haven’t seen any anxiety about leaving all their friends and all.


As you can see from the status above, I’m still plodding through Sword & Illusion. I really want this done before Thanksgiving, so now that school has started again and I have more free time, I’m going to work hard on this.

I still have a few other stories I want to write and I’m going to update this website so you can see what I want to work on.

Please go to and check out the submissions by Honor Cummings. I’m posting some of Sword & Illusion there, which is written under that name.

I also have another book called Married for the Money that I’m writing under my own name because it’s a contemporary. Vote for either of these or both. See the other submissions, too. I’m entered in a Dorchester contest. If I win, I’ll win a contract with that publisher.

Beloved and I are still waiting to hear about The Lady and the Necromancer which is still at Baen. He also has his science fiction book, Battle for the Sphere there, too, and is waiting to hear something about that.

Well, gang, it’s time for me to make my breakfast and get started on my writing. When I get some batteries for my camera, I’ll post some pictures to let you see some of what we’ve been doing!

Have a great day!