Beloved took today off because he wanted a chance to work on his writing. Today is also the beginning of the Boy’s Spring Break, but he had an appointment with his psychologist for a follow-up evaluation at 8 am, so we had to get up early anyway.

My alarm went off at 5:45 as it did all Lent but today I hit the snooze button. I got up before six and as I sat here working, Beloved got up, too. He’d had a couple of bad dreams about work and started worrying about some insignificant things, so he decided to get up, too.

We sat here, each working on our own stuff for a few minutes when he gasped. I looked over and asked what the matter was.

He’d gotten an email from Baen saying they wanted us to go through our book, The Lady and The Necromancer, one more time for formatting problems and to get rid of some of the extraneous “saids.” She wants to “bump” it up to her publisher before the end of the month!!!

Needless to say, we’re both kind of excited about all this. It’s not a sale, but it’s WAY better than a rejection!!! Maybe soon we’ll be able to post REALLY good news!!!