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18,858 / 55,000

Totally not where I’d like to be, but I’m having so trouble with this book. This was the book that was going so well in the beginning, but I’ve come to the “sagging middle” or as I call it, the quicksand part of the book.

My characters aren’t doing anything interesting and I’m not sure what they’re supposed to be doing!

However, I will keep going and as my friend Rhonda says, “Finish what you start, and fix what you finish.” I’ll do it, with her help!

I am finding that my confidence level isn’t as high as I’d like about my writing, and other parts of my life. It may have to do with the husband being out of town and my having to deal with kids, bills and burned out florescent lights by myself, but right now I’m not convinced I can finish this book.

Words of encouragement are…you know… encouraged. And appreciated.