Thirteen Things I’m Thankful For (Not in any order other that how I thought of them)

 1. Friends – I had lunch yesterday with a friend from my local writers’ group and I realized on my way home that we’re becoming better friends and that makes me happy. All my life, I’ve had trouble finding close friends. I’ve had a few people that were “friends” but only a few that I felt like I could truly be myself with, and lately, I’ve realized that there are several in that category now. I’m truly thankful for that.2. My husband – This might seem like an obvious one, but I’m well aware that not every woman LIKES her husband. I truly like, not only love, mine. We’re friends and share most of our interests and we have fun together and laugh together and just enjoy each other’s company.

3. My children – My daughter is on her way to college in a few weeks and my son is going to start his second year of kindergarten. They are great kids and fabulous blessings. Our daughter was born 9 weeks early and I almost died when she was born (Yes, Girl, I’m still going to bring that up) so I feel so blessed that she is an intelligent, wise, and mature young woman. Our son was adopted at 8 weeks old and he’s a joy. God has blessed us.

4. My birth family – I lost my sister almost 18 years ago and we were very good friends. My brother, who is 8 years younger than I am, and I are very close. We can talk on the phone for hours and when we’re together, it’s not uncommon for us to run errands together and talk forever. My mother is 80 years old and sharp as a tack. She lives alone with her dog and makes quilts and goes on trips and is the coolest lady I know.

5. My good friend, Cantor #1, made it through her breast surgery on Monday. We’ve been praying and waiting for word. My husband just told me he got an email from her husband, Choir Director.

6. My crockpot – I’ve been using it more and more, based on recipes from this blog, and haven’t been steered wrong yet.

7. My AlphaSmart – today is the Boy’s lesson day – art and piano – and I’ll have about 90 minutes of waiting time so I’ll be doing some writing then.

8. Firefly filk – Filk is basically fan written songs, usually humorous, about favorite TV shows or books or something. I found a station onf Live365 called Can’t Stop the Signal that plays music based on Joss Whedon’s Firefly and Serenity. I love this staiton and, consequently, go aorund the house singing strange songs. My daughter just rolls her eyes and thinks I’m strange.

9.  Popcorn – I love popcorn! Nothing more to say.

10. Our DVR – I get to tape shows no one else wants to watch and can watch them when I feel like it.

11. Naturally, my faith – I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have God and His teachings in the center of my being. So many things in my life would be very different and I don’t think I would be a happy person or possibly even alive.

12. Endorphins – Yesterday was a pretty bad day. The Boy was disobeying a lot and I was hungry all day, messing up my plan for my points (Weight Watchers) and I was stressed about it. When we went to the Y, the Boy was acting crazy and screaming like he was playing outside. It got to me and I turned the car around and went home. I’d told him if he kept acting crazy (laughing hysterically at nothing and kicking at the front seats) we’d go home, so we did. I lost it when I saw Beloved. I started crying about the Boy not obeying and my points and my weight and my stress. He took over and sent me to the Y alone. I worked out for 50 minutes and felt much better when I got home. Today will be a better day.

13. Candles from Yankee Candles – I just love them. The Girl doesn’t get it, but I love burning them and smelling those fabulous scents. I have a strawberry one on my desk because I saw a study that the fragrance of strawberries enhances creativity. I also found one that smells like root beer float. I mean, how cool is that?

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