I love guinea pigs. We’ve had piggies since the Girl was about five years old. We now have two, a male – Muffin and a female – Pepper. We really need to get him fixed so they can share the same cage again, and no that’s not them in the above picture.

Yesterday I was feeling kinda down. It has a lot to do with getting older and trying to lose weight (see – Lowering the Feed Limit). I interviewed with Weight Watchers on Saturday and they offered me a receptionist position and I’m looking forward to the training and actually working meetings.

However, deep down, I want to be a leader and I need to get down to my goal weight- or within 10 pounds of it – before I can do that. Last week I worked very hard and still gained 2.2 pounds. I’m sure it was a fluke but I was still kinda depressed about it yesterday.

Our piggies needed new food so I was happy that the PetSmart near us finally opened so I don’t have to drive so far to get them food. Target used to have guinea pig food but I can’t rely on the, and their associate who tried to help me just kept saying “Well, we have Gerbil food.” With a hard G like in Goal! Sorry, buddy, Gerbils aren’t the same as Guinea pigs!

Anyway, I went in to the PetSmart and right near the small animal aisle, they had two big glass boxes with out 6-7 baby male piggies. Oh, they were so cute and I wanted to buy another one. It did help my mood a bit.

Well, I noticed that these piggies had been eating oranges because there were peels all over the cage. This morning as I made my smoothie for breakfast, I saw we had some oranges so I thought I’d give my babies a treat.

I cut the small orange up into six pieces and gave them each three.

They both moved to the opposite side of their cage and acted like I’d put something scary there. When I made my salad for lunch, they happily ate cucumber peels and lettuce, but man, we won’t touch those oranges!

I could see if one didn’t like oranges or something, but both?

I must have the pickiest piggies ever. Or maybe, as I’ve always suspected, they just aren’t too bright!