Have any of you seen Legend, with Tom Cruise?

I’ve heard of this movie and thought it might be interesting to see it so when it came on TV a while back I DVR’d it. (Love my DVR!! Don’t know how we watched TV without it!) Anyway, I sat down to watch it and honestly thought it was boring. I realize it’s old and possibly made at a time when audiences weren’t as interested in starting in the middle of the action. Also, it’s possible that as I writer, I expected more action. OR it could be because I’m not a big Tom Cruise fan to begin with (Enjoyed Minority Report and War of the Worlds) and he’s a little…ethereal in this. Ethereal is not a good quality for a hero in my opnion, but what do I know? Someone will point out the errors of my way I’m sure.

Maybe it was a combination of all those things.

Anyway, when Beloved came home, I asked him if he’d seen the movie and he told me it’s a great fantasy film. I checked it out over at Internet Movie Database my favorite site to just browse, and apparently it won awards and people love it.

I think I missed the boat somewhere along the line.

I read Meg Cabot’s blog (one of my favorite authors) and clearly she’s a major fan, so I’m asking my readership (Bueller? Bueller?) the Big Question:

Did you like it? Should I give it another try?