It was a big weekend at our house, at least Sunday was.

All day the Boy kept talking about how he wanted to sleep in his own room. You have to understand that Beloved and I are kind of Attachment Parenting types. We breastfed our daughter for… a long time and we believe in the family bed. However, the Boy is five now and by this time the Girl was already in her own bed and I think in her own room, at least for the beginning of the night. The Boy has been sleeping in his own bed in our room for awhile now, but whenever we suggested that he think about sleeping in a different room, he balked at it.

Another thing is that we had our guest room (third bedroom) set up as a guest room, but also as a “clean” room for the boys. Both of them have allergies and an air purifier goes all the time in there, so if things got bad in the master bedroom (which has French doors to the back yard which butts up against a forest on the other side of our fence – and the doors are not in the best shape) with pollen or whatever, Beloved would take the Boy and they’d sleep in the guest room.

So, anyway, yesterday the Boy said all day that he wanted to sleep in his own room. We said okay and encouraged it, telling him what a big boy thing to do that was.

Well, last night, at bedtime, we put a night light in his room and took his pillows and quilts made by Grammy for him and made a big deal about getting the bed set up for him. Then I turned out the lights so he could see what it would be like when it was dark. We left the bathroom light on and left his door open a little and he said it would be okay.

Then we did prayers and Daddy kissed him with his normal goodnight routine (Llama, llama, (whatever color) pajama, gets two kisses from his papa. Snuggle in the pillow soft and deep, Baby Llama go to sleep). It’s from Llama, Llama Red Pajama which we had, loved and now can’t find anymore! Then Mommy read him a story, and gave him kisses with Llama, llama. I could tell that he was very sleepy. Then I left.

Not a word out of him!

Okay, he started coughing after a little while. Remember he has allergies, so we gave him some cough medicine and Beloved told him that he thought he’d sleep better if the door was closed. By this time the Boy was asleep again and Beloved closed the door.

We didn’t hear from him until we woke him up this morning!

For the first time in five years, Beloved and I slept alone together in our own room!!!!

THEN, this morning, the Boy lost his third tooth!

If the size of the permanent teeth mean anything, my son is going to be a big boy when he grows up. With the lost of this tooth, his two permanent teeth on the bottom finally have room to fit, so I’m hoping that he hits a growth spurt soon so he’ll have room for this third new tooth to fit. The dentist says that the only thing we can do is wait and that as he grows up his jaw will grow, too, and there may be room. I hope so!

Anyway, he’s getting to be a big boy, emotionally, anyway. With his sister 18 now, I’m losing my babies!!