After my post of yesterday about the science fiction and fantasy books to read after Harry Potter is finished, I went with my family to the mall and picked up one of the books. While the Girl and I were at the bookstore, we ran into another book lover browsing the science fiction and fantasy section. Her husband was standing in front of the rack I was looking at. He asked if he was in my way and I said, “No because if I pick up any of these I’ll want them, so you’re fine.”

This led to a conversation with his wife and eventually she asked if we know who writes the The Dresden Files books.Well, it turns out this is the series the Girl is in the midst of and loving them, so we were able to help

When we met Hubby and the Boy for lunch we told them about this and we talked about the pile of books I have at home waiting to be read. I finally decided that I better read all the oldest books before I buy any more.

So this list is thirteen of the oldest books I haven’t read yet. I am not including the Wizard of Oz books I’ve collected or the Anne of Green Gables my mother gave my daughter that we haven’t gotten through yet.

1. Moonlight and Memories (Onyx) by Patricia Rice. This one is autographed and dated 1994. I was living in Illinois then, a member of Prairie Hearts, the Champaign-Urbana chapter of RWA and the Girl was five. I’m actually reading this now.

2. The Last Viking by Sandra Hill.

3. Passion by Bobbi Smith

4. The Fire in Autumn by Delia Parr

5. That Camden Summer by LaVyrle Spencer
6. November of the Heart by LaVyrle Spencer

7. Flame (Lovegram Historical Romance) by Evelyn Rogers

8. Coast Road: A Novel by Barbara Delinsky

9. Heaven by Bobbi Smith

10. Deeper Than the Night (Paranormal Romance) by Amanda Ashley

11. Portrait of Dreams by Victoria Malvey

12. Once A Rogue (Zebra Books) by Megan Gray

13. Prince Of Magic by Anne Stuart.

I don’t guarantee that these are the oldest books in my collection. These are just the first 13 I pulled off the shelf that have a copyright year of 1999 or earlier. I’ll let you know as I finish them and what I think of them.