1. I don’t feel like getting the cool template for this meme today!

2. It’s orange day at the preschool.

3. We’re under a tornado watch until 3:45 pm.

4. It was about 72 deg. F when I took the Boy to school this morning.

5. Thursdays are supposed to be my fun day, but I think I will clean the kitchen, even though it’s the Girl’s job.

6. She didn’t do it last night and won’t be able to do it tonight.

7. DH and the Girl are going into New Orleans tonight to see Justin Timberlake in concert.

8. I think I’ll run to Hobby Lobby and get yarn to knit a sweater. I’ve been doing socks for awhile and still have some for the Boy on the needles but I want to do something else.

9. I also want to work a little on the quilt I’m making for DH’s godson. I really want to get that off the sewing table so I can make up some of my stash.

10. I’m doing this meme today so someone will comment. I’ve been wondering lately if anyone is reading this.

11. My new critique partner sent me a lot of fun stuff to read and I’m so excited!

12. I’ve kept to my WW points for the past three days and I feel good.

13. 21 years ago today, DH and I met!!!