Well, everyone, I haven’t posted anything since Friday because I finally got the cold that has been tearing through this family since before Christmas. Right before New Years, I did have a fever and something, but since then, the rest of the family has been dealing with fevers, sore throats and hacking coughs, and I’ve been immune (kinda weird given my whole immunosuppressed status!). I think the whole “Mommy CAN’T be sick” thing was working for me.

However, Friday night I started coughing a bit. Just enough to make me think something was coming. Well, it’s here. After feeling tired and draggy yesterday, but still having to be “on” due to DH’s returned fever and general fatigue, today I’ve got it full-blown. I don’t think I’ve feverish, but I’m very draggy and worn out.

In the midst of all this, I’m trying to figure out what I can do to make a little extra money for the family. If I were at my goal weight (about 20 pounds to go), I’d go to work for Weight Watchers, but as it is, I’ve ended up signing up, unintentionally, for a couple of “scams” online. Nothing that’s taken any of my money; I’m a little too smart for that, but I did sign up to “take surveys for cash.” Okay, I realize it sounds stupid, but someone who apparently is no longer on myspace befriended me and she said she was doing it successfully. I took a few surveys but realized that in order to “get my money” I had to sign up for whatever “free” product the survey was about – a free trial of Blockbuster Online or some coffee delivery thing. I always stopped short of doing that.

I have been contacted by two reps of two different work at home programs that in the end led to the same company – a “leading” wellness company that will pay me to refer people to their products. While it may be legit, there’s just something about it that seems wrong to me.

I did, however, on the bright side, sign up for a company that does editing work. I know this is legit because they didn’t as me to pay anything and I took three tests of grammar and sentence structure. People will, presumably, see my site with them and “hire” me to edit their work. DH has high hopes for this, but I’m less sure.

I also am thinking about doing some sewing. I have a fabric wallet I made for myself and have gotten interesting comments about it. One person said, “You could make those and sell them.” Maybe I’ll try that.

Anyway, I’m getting tired again, so it’s back in bed for me!