I heard about this on the radio. It gave me the idea to do this:

Thirteen things an adoptive mom wonders about Angelina’s adoption:

1. How many visits from a social worker did she have to go through before being approved?

2. How many stupid forms did she have to fill out?

3. How many times was she questioned about her ability to race a child of a different race?

4. How many articles and book chapters about her child’s culture were copied and handed to her with the “recommendation” (read: order) that she read them?

5. How many post placement visits will she have to endure?

6. How many times has a social worker questioned whether she will race her child in their own heritage with the implication that her child’s heritage and that of any other children in the family (of a different race) need to be all honored and every possible holiday celebrated regardless of timing, convenience or relevance?

7. How many times was her style of parenting questioned?

8. How many fingerprint checks have she and Brad gone through?

9. How many times did a social worker question how large the room the child will sleep in will be?

10. How many times was she given the name of a multi-cultural adoption support group and had it “suggested” that she join?

11. How often was she asked if she had chosen a “cultural” guide for her child?

12. How long did it take for her homestudy to be approved?

13. How much money did she “donate” to that orphanage to find a child for her?

Okay, yes, I have a some issues here. As a devout Catholic woman who struggled for TEN YEARS to adopt a baby and went through major stress, tears and prayers to be able to say the Boy is MY son, I just wonder about these celebrities that walk into an orphanage and walk out with a baby!