Last night I finished up the Valentine’s for the Boy to take to school. I’m very pleased at the way it turned out, and the teacher who let him out of the car said it was very cute.

Of course, the Girl saw me finishing up last night and decided that she needed seven of them for her friends. Fortunately, I had a few extra envelopes already stamped and some extra of the white squares already cut and run through my Xyron, so it didn’t take me long. Hershey’s minatures are tucked inside each one. Just sending my child to school with this cool hand stamped project made me feel like a great mom!
We had a stinky weekend. Even DH said, “Well, I have a week at work to rest up from the weekend.”

Let’s see, Sat. the Girl and I went to the mall to look for a new printer. Mine has decided to print lines of text over one another. It doesn’t feed the paper smoothly. I have a $50 Sears gift card from Christmas and DH said I should be able to get a basic, decent printer for that price. Well, Sears only had 3 (not three brands – three printers) and they were all either over $150 or photo printers or both.

We walked around the mall a bit with my 17 year old telling me how she NEEDS new clothes. Her mother can’t remember when she bought something new for herself, but we buy t-shirts at Hot Topic about once a month when she likes a new band. Also, since she’s saving for a trip to PA, she can’t spend her own money on the clothes. Saving means spending Mom and Dad’s money instead.

We looked at the bookstore, which always leaves me feeling unsettled because books are being written without me.

We were going to go to a Mardi Gras parade that evening, but when DH and I told the Girl we were going to confession, she was in too much pain from menstrual cramps she couldn’t watch the Boy. DH told her that if she was well enough to go to the mall and well enough to go to a parade, she should be well enough to watch Noah for 1/2 hour. But when she complained he canceled the parade.

Around 7 that night, I remembered that I’d dropped off an Rx to be filled and I needed the pills that night, so DH and I jumped in the car only to find that the drug store was open but the pharmacy closed right before we got there. My pills (including the unempty bottle I’d dropped off) were locked inside the pharmacy and even the manager couldn’t open it. The people there were less than helpful. “sorry, too bad, can’t call anyone, you’ll have to come back tomorrow.” We tried to tell them these were immunosuppressants and I HAD to take them. “sorry, too bad, can’t call anyone, maybe try a different store.” DH was so upset he was yelling and telling them this was unacceptable. What if it were heart medicine or something life threatening. He told them he was changing pharmacies. “okay.”

We went to another Rite Aid, but they were closed, too. We decided to go to the ER and see if we could get the dose I needed for that night. Well, of course, it’s not a drug they keep in the ER so they had to see if the hosptial pharmacy had it, but then that was closed. What ended up happening, and by this time I wanted them to check DH’s BP!!!, was that they took me into an exam room! I was getting a little ticked and said that I wanted to just go home and wait until tomorrow. I wouldn’t die! The doctor finally came in, listened to my heart and our story and took probably 20 minutes to write out the RX for THREE STUPID PILLS! I think he was worried I was some kind of junkie looking to score. Like junkies ask for three 250 mg tablets of CellCept for crying out loud. We found a 24 hour pharmacy that we will be using from now on.

Sunday morning DH went to get my Rx and told the Rite Aid pharmacist about it. She said there is a 24 hour Rite Aid that could have helped us. DH said it would have been nice if the manager knew that. The manager came by and said, “I tried to tell you that but you were running off at the mouth.” I never heard anything like that from this woman.
I worked on Gingerbread Hearts a bit at bowling practice yesterday, and I’m taking two online classes, one on revising and one on breaking into Harlequin/Silhouette
I have an idea for a YA that is flitting around my thoughts.That would be fun to do.
Sword & Illusion continues in the editing process. I’m on Chapter Twelve. I would love to get this completely finished and sent to Wings before school is out. I was looking at March, but I’m not sure now.