Thirteen Things I’d love for my birthday (in my dreams).
1. Massage, facial, manicure and pedicure at a local day spa.

2. A multi-book contract from either Harlequin or Smooch!

3. Airfare, hotel and registration for the RWA conference in Dallas in July

4. A new, top of the line sewing machine.

5. A day with a fashion consultant.

6. The entire wardrobe she recommends.

7. One of those room make over shows to redecorate my bedroom.

8. Then they could do the craft/family room, too.

9. A new van so I wouldn’t have to worry about the sounds this one makes.

10. A well cultivated rose garden in my backyard, where I can see it from my desk chair.

11. A working shower in my bathroom (cabinets that are actually functional would be nice, too.).

12. A long, relaxing visit with my best friend (not the one I’m married to), who I haven’t seen in a few years.

13. Surprises!

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