Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Today, my “Tackle It” is going to have to be working on Sword & Illusion – I’d love to get Chapters 9 & 10 edited. I dearly want this book to be done by the end of March. I’m beginning to think that’s a pipe dream.
Also, I need to clean up the kitchen. It’s supposed to be the Girl’s job, but she, being 17 and totally resentful that she should have even the slightest chore, does only the minimum, i.e., loading the dishwasher and doing a cursory wipe-down of the counters. Most of the time my beautiful new Emeril Cookware (a Christmas gift from my mom) doesn’t get washed and it’s so simple. The food practically slides out with just a spray of water, but she never washes up the pots and pans and most of the time the sink is still full of dishes because (a) she didn’t fill the dishwasher full or (b) she missed a night doing the dishes so there’s so many that one load won’t do it and she ALWAYS does them so late at night (right before bed) that there’s no time for a second load before morning. I often try to straighten up in the morning but yesterday there just wasn’t time.
A more minor tackle is Valentine’s cards. I’m going to a Stampin’ Up Hostess club meeting on Thursday and need 5-6 cards to swap.
Well, time to get ready to take the Boy to school. The Girl is home sick with a cold which actually makes my life a bit easier as I won’t have to pick her up from school and take her to bowling practice.