I joined Weight Watchers in May, right before Memorial Day. This was after doing three weight loss sessions at our local YMCA and trying to do it on my own. I decided I needed the support and the weekly weigh-ins. I love Weight Watchers, but I have some kind of mental block on all this.

For about the last four weeks, I haven’t tracked anything. And not surprisingly I’ve gained weight all four weeks. I’m back to tracking this week and feeling better about things.

But I do have a question about this whole, “it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle” thing that WW keeps saying. My sister-in-law has been on WW for a few years and when she started my brother told me that she said it wasn’t a diet; it was a lifestyle. I’m trying to get into that mindset, but as my daughter pointed out, homosexuality is a lifestyle, this is just Weight Watchers.

Yes, I want to make it to my goal weight and yes, I want to be a lifetime member and I even want to be a leader, but I struggle with the thought that I’ll have to write down what I eat every day of my life, for the rest of my life!! I mean, when I’m eighty and have survived all that time since my transplant, you bet I don’t want to be writing it all down every day! Heck, if I make it to 55, meaning that I lived longer than my dad who had the same kidney condition, I want to have the biggest blowout party this family’s ever seen and I don’t want to write it all down!!

So, what’s the deal? What do they mean by a lifestyle???

I just don’t get it.