Yesterday was pretty busy, at least in the morning.

Juliette came into my room before school and said she had an upset stomach, but was going to school anyway because she had a couple of tests, and could I come to school between 8-11 to get her. I told her no because I had plans, and wouldn’t be home. I did tell her that she could call my cell if she really felt sick.

I took Noah to school then came back home to take my pills and just about the time I was leaving to go to help a friend fit a dress pattern, Juliette called and wanted to come home. I called my friend and told her I was coming but would be late.

I went to Juliette’s school, brought her home and then headed to my friend’s house. We spent about an hour pinning a pattern to her and explaining what I would do to make sure the dress fit. Granted, I never do any of the things I suggested (and maybe the dress I’m making would fit better!), but she seemed to understand what I said.

Then I picked Noah up at school and came home. I really felt like I wanted to do some sewing but Noah saw a friend of his outside playing when he came home from school so we changed his clothes and went outside so he could ride his bike (with training wheels) with his friend. Then his friend’s grandmother made toasted cheese for the boys. After they ate, Noah took a nap and I did a little sewing, but not – never – as much as I want.

Steve and Noah are going on a campout this weekend – all weekend! – so I’ll have time to sew then.

Tonight is the beginning of our church’s RENEW session, at least our group, so it’s a good thing Steve got us a DVR because LOST is on tonight, too!

Tomorrow I’m going to a Hostess Club thing with a local Stampin’ Up demonstrator and I’m looking forward to that.

I’m also trying to work on Sword & Illusion and getting ready to write another book this November at NaNoWriMo.