Last week I was in a lot of pain due to a back spasm, and consequently, because I’m not a SuperWoman by any means, I was pretty convinced the world hated me. My husband did his best to cheer me up. He told me I am a strong woman and I got this.

I don’t know if I got this or not.

I tried positive self-talk. As I was falling asleep, I would tell myself, “You’re an Exalted Warrior.” “You are Queen of the Dragons.” “You are strong.”

I don’t know how much that helped but when I wake up with no back pain, the world doesn’t seem so bad.

However, all around me I see strong, capable, wonderful women doing strong, wonderful things.

Dealing with horrible illnesses with grace and peace. (I cry at a little back pain.)

Handling teenagers with humor and wisdom. (I grit my teeth and lose my temper.)

Putting out new novels left and right, garnering wonderful reviews, and super new contracts. (I struggle day after day to write just 1000 words.)

I’m not strong, I’m not SuperWoman. I’m barely making it.

But maybe that’s okay, too.