I’m joining fellow Clean Reads author, Felicia Rogers for Fourteen Line Friday.

You can see the rules and other great excerpts over at Felicia’s site, but I wanted to share my fourteen lines with you here.

This excerpt comes from Pigsty Princess, my latest epic fantasy novel (released in February). Buy links are at the end should you be intrigued by what you read here, and thanks for stopping by.

“They never wanted me to sit on the throne of Valborough. That was for Ramone, the firstborn, the son. If anyone knew what I am, that would mean he could never be King.”

“It means more than that.” That was her husband’s voice.

Mariana didn’t know when Orlando came into the house, let alone when he entered the bedroom. She faced him, even though she was still angry at his lies.

“Think about it, Mariana,” he said, moving around this sister so he could be close to his wife. “If the people of the kingdom find out you’re a Chaos Sensitive, they will demand your father give up the throne in favor of you. He might turn it around and make you
challenge him officially, but there is no way you wouldn’t win. I don’t think he was saving the throne for Ramone. I think he lied to you to keep the throne for himself.”

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