We always put off celebrating Valentine’s Day because my husband’s parents’ anniversary is 14 Feb. Now that they live near us, we spend that day with them.

This year, because my mother-in-law had an accident with her motorized scooter where her face met the mall parking lot HARD, she is bruised all over her face, making her look like she took up boxing as a hobby. Consequently, they decided not to go out for their anniversary, so we just had pizza at their house like we do every Friday.

We had already planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 15th by going out to dinner, just the two of us.

We went to Lone Star Steakhouse pretty early. I think we got there before six, after dropping Noah off at his grandparents’ house. We had a nice meal, both of us order steaks, and talked about writing.

I think that’s what we always talk about when it’s just the two of us. Steve is listening to Sword & Illusion as an audiobook to re-familiarize himself with the world and the details. He’s working on the sequel and wants to make sure things stay consistent.

Anyway, we talked a little about my WIP, Married for the Magic (title could change). It’s funny that I write and plot very linearly, while my scientist husband writes and plots like in a circle or something. We were talking about Married and brainstorming plot ideas. Steve came up with dozens, all just out there and I was getting overwhelmed, but he said I shouldn’t worry about how they all fit together or anything right now. This is a radical concept for me because once I have an idea, my brain says, this is in stone and can’t be changed.

This is one reason working with him on the Sword books is hard because I have these characters in my head and have had them there for decades, and he comes in and changes them. Of course, in my head is not canon, so of course he can change them but it’s hard for me to adjust.

So, after dinner we walked around the mall and talked. That was nice, but after a while, my hip began to complain. We headed home, stopping at the grocery store (how romantic, right?) for a major shopping trip, which included him having to run back to get three cases of Coke Zero to boost our total so we could use the “Save $8 if you spend $120” coupon we had. Then we picked Noah up and went home.

I hadn’t planned to take a pain pill before bed but my hip was really hurting from that walk. Even though I only took half of one, I had trouble sleeping and had weird dreams. That often happens if I take one right before bed.

Last night I dreamed about the TV show “Revenge.” That was from Steve and me talking about how he likes it when I write “courtly intrigue” scene and I was telling him that Victoria on Revenge talks the way the courtly people do, insulting you with a smile on her face that makes you wonder if you heard her right.

Anyway, in my dream Emily was actually one of twins, and the “real Amanda” was hidden and running things behind the scenes.

So, that was my Valentine’s celebration. How was yours??