Today I did a clever thing. I got out of bed and as I was going to the bathroom, the little toe on my right foot got caught on the corner of the bed frame and I stumbled (well, nearly flew) into the bookcase at the end of the bed and fell against the dresser.

I figured I just bruised it good, so I got my shoes on and got on with my day. After lunch, which was eaten out since Steve took the day off. He had a business trip from Thursday to Saturday last week and was exhausted. I came home and took my shoe off to see if the toe, which was still hurting a lot, was swollen. It was and now it hurt even more.

Steve took me to the ER, after arranging to have someone pick Noah up from school. Xrays showed that I broke a small bone at the base of my toe, so for the next few days I have to stay off my feet as much as possible. I plan to do as much writing as I can while I’m recuperating.

I’ve been propped up in bed with my nicely discoloring toe elevated. After a while the pain is bearable and it feels like it’s nearly gone.

So at one point, I figured it’s safe to head to the kitchen to take my evening pills. Once there I noticed that there are dirty dishes that need to be put in the dishwasher. Noah was doing his math homework and Steve was lying down, napping, still recovering from his intensive business trip so I decided to do the job. While limping and shuffling around the kitchen, I started to step on a small object (turned out to be one of my sewing pins that somehow got onto the kitchen floor) and instinctively turned my foot – right onto the side where the broken little toe is. PAIN.

Steve came out of Noah’s bedroom where the air purifier is and where he was resting.

“Why are you walking?”

“I needed to take my pills and thought I’d better run the dishwasher.” By this time, my toe was so painful I was nearly in tears, so I took my pills and let him usher me back to bed.

I do believe this scenario will repeat itself several times until I am convinced that walking on the foot with the broken toe is a BAD IDEA.

Anyone else as self-delusional as I am, thinking you can tough this out? Maybe I need to learn to take it easy instead of having to do everything.