In about six weeks, our family will head to China for the month of July. Facebook will not be available to me, according to this site, but my blog here will be, so I’m going to try to start updating things here more regularly.

I felt pretty miserable yesterday, and I figured out why. Completely something I can change in my behavior so that’s handled. Starting to come out of it and feeling like myself again. Today, my plan is to get another 2000 words added to Pigsty Princess (editing so not completely new words – just adjusting character motivation, plot problems and the like). I also plan to do more cleaning in our rec room so I can sew again. Juliette Amy Brandt told me she wants me to MAKE her a LARPing costume and to me, there’s no bigger compliment than my child asking me to sew for her. Have a great Thursday, folks! I plan to.