Thirteen Authors You’ve Never Heard of but Should Have

1. Josephine Templeton – my dear friend and one of the Rowdy Girls. She has a pirate book and a fallen angel book coming out soon!

2. Leah Marie Brown – My dear friend. She is obsessed with Paris and has a book out about a spy in the French Revolution.

3. Geri Krowtow – Another dear friend. She writes contemporary romances for Harlequin.

4. Penelope Marzec – A friend who writes inspirational and paranormal romances.

5. Rachel Van Dyken – An Astraea Press author. She writes Regencies.

6. Joanne Brothwell – The Author of Stealing Breath, the first book I’ve edited for Crescent Moon Press that has been released.

7. Claudy Conn – A new author I met online and who came to HeartLA’s Readers’ Luncheon last fall.

8. Ursula Whistler – Another author who came to our Readers’ Luncheon. She lives in New Orleans.

9. Rhonda Leah – a good, good friend.

10. Laura Burks – a new author and a member of HeartLA.

11. Eleanor Cocreham – A member of HeartLA who writes glitz and glamour books.

12. Elaine Grant – one of my best friends, even if she moved away!

13. Jennifer Armintrout – a funny vampire author who loves Doctor Who and who would be one of my best buddies if we ever meet face to face.