I’m going to start sharing with you all my craft endeavors that have nothing to do with fiction. As I mentioned in a previous post, I believe everyone is creative in their own way. I hope, with these Creatively Imperfect posts, I’ll inspire you to live a more creative life.

I chose the title Creatively Imperfect because I realized that I do a lot of crafty things but I haven’t really taken any classes. My mother taught me to sew and knit, but for the most part I just read a lot and tried.

Right now, my newest craft thing is jewelry making and beading. I have a small, relatively unknown Etsy shop (www.etsy.com/shop/romancechick) where I sell some simple jewelry and rosaries.

In that vein, I was looking through a catalog I got in the mail the other day and saw these earrings:

These are about $45 in the catalog.

I realized that I could make something similar for less.


Stainless steel 50mm hoops


These beads - they're not gold but I think they're prettier than the original


I wanted to add a little interest so I will use two of one color and one of the other for each earring.

I haven’t ordered these yet, but I put them into the order form and I can get two pair of earrings for about $22!

I’ll post pictures when I get the supplies and make the earrings!

Stay tuned!