News in the Brandt household:

Beloved is finally finished with business travel for a couple of weeks. This is a busy time of year for him. He went to Brussels the week before Halloween, and actually had a Belgium Waffle.

A Belguim Waffle

He came home Halloween night almost in time to take the Boy out trick or treating. Here’s what the Boy and his Mom (me) looked like.


He was a Jedi and I was the Ice Queen. I actually just stayed home and gave out candy, but I love dressing up. I wish I’d done something more with my makeup, though.

Our little guinea pig had his leg amputated due to an infection but he’s home now and eating and acting totally normally, except for hoping more! I’m very glad of that.

I got my hair done today. This is me at the hair dressers, during the “procedure.”

What was kinda cool about this was that I’m working on an urban fantasy that has as part of the location a hair salon and as I sat with the dye in waiting, I kept looking around (I was also writing) and thinking that this is kinda how I pictured the salon in my book. And this is where that part would happen and that other part would happen here.

It was cool.

Oh, and the after picture? Here you go.

It’s not the best lighting and my hair isn’t that blonde, but it does have some nice streaks in it that make me happy.

Saturday is the luncheon and I want to look pretty for it. I don’t know yet what I’m going to say or wear but I’ll be cute!