Just called a magazine I’ve been getting for years, but haven’t received for several months. The subscription is supposed to run out in July this year so I called to find out why I hadn’t gotten any for the last few months. First, they couldn’t find me in the system, but they found another woman in my zip code with my name but a different address. However, they had no record of me, my account number, nothing. Here I stand with June 2009 in my hand with an address label on it and the woman on the phone is puzzled. She even got a copy of that issue just to be sure I was calling the right magazine. At this point, I’d begun to doubt that I was although the publishing info from the old one matched the issue I bought at the store today!

Finally, she put me on hold for a couple of minutes and came back and said, “Okay, would you like me to send you the back issues you’ve missed or extend your subscription because your last issue will be mailed in a few weeks?” I told her I want the back issues (it’s a cross stitch magazine) and I’ll renew it online.

Then I asked if she could tell me what had happened.

“The system changed your address.”

Hmm…I’m wondering if someone found my magazine by accident and changed the address to “steal” my subscription!

Anyway, I don’t know how the “system” changed my address any other way.

Just an interesting event in my day.

How’s your day going?