It’s been a rough fall and winter at the Brandt household and much of it seemed to fall squarely on my shoulders. Mainly, I guess because I’m at home and I was the one to whom a lot of the medical issues attacked.

A couple of weeks ago, Beloved said he was going to give Mom a break. This week the Boy has Spring Break and Beloved took the week off from work. This is my VACATION week.

Yes, I’m still at home and I still did some chores this morning (dishes and some laundry) but for the most part, after today – or really after I take the Boy to a doctor’s appointment and go to Weight Watchers, the week is mine to do with as I will.

I probably will spend a good part of it writing. My goal is to get Sword & Illusion done this week!!!

Okay, yeah, I’ve said that before, but this is the Done that mean there are only small changes left to be made. I’m pretty excited about it. I want to possibly pitch it to an editor when I get to Nashville in July.

Right now, the Teminix guy is here. We have to have the place treated for termites because we had water damage to Beloved’s workshop due to a frozen pipe a few months ago and when the guy from the homeowners’ insurance checked it out he found termite evidence and they won’t pay to repair the shop until the place it treated. So, the treatment. It did mean I had to get dressed faster than I planned as the guy needed to come in the house. He cut a hole in my bedroom wall behind the tub so the pipe area could be treated. Not thrilled with that, but at least he put a nice looking cover over it. AND most of the dirty clothes had been washed so they weren’t piled up right there!

Okay. I need to take the Boy to the doctor. Talk to you all later. Have a great Monday!