Well, I didn’t really wake up in a better mood. Part of it has to do with not sleeping well, and being awoken about three times in the night. Once because the Boy got scared of the storm we had and came running into our room crying, once because he and Beloved were sniffling and sneezing so they went into the Boy’s room which has the air filter, and once because the Girl (1) saw a roach (not an uncommon thing in the South) so Beloved had to get up and kill it for her and (2) had to ask me if she could take the pasta leftovers to school for lunch. My problem is that it takes me a long time to fall back to sleep after being awoken like that, maybe 45 minutes to an hour.

However, I realized after I wrote the post yesterday that I did have all the stuff from my book. I’d been saving the chapters in both OpenOffice format and .rtf format, so all the stuff was saved. That’s a load off my mind because last night I also realized I’d lost about ten pages or so and I didn’t know how I was going to recreate them.

It’s a wet rainy day here, and I have a chiropractor appointment later, but right now I’m going to make my breakfast and maybe rest a little.

Talk to you all later.